Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Next Job

Have extended 2 months contract for the on-going projects till end Jun-10. All of us most likely will leave this country for good thereafter. Colleagues start looking for new job, wherever it will be as long as conditions are right.

I receive an offer, but it is still in the initial negotiation stage. The job site is in South East Asia, will be kicked-off very soon. Which means immediate transfer is requested if I’d be employed (my conditions seem too costly for them). Instead I plan/ wish to have a few months rest in between jobs.

Meanwhile, a friend in Australia invites me to start a restaurant business in Sydney. Sounds not bad… I like the city, but I have zero experience in this field. For future and longer term planning, it might be a good move. On the other hand, the working hours are long and the freedom will be very much restricted. Am thinking, do I really have to start from zero again? After all these whiles working in the projects, I can’t imagine if this new business would suit me.

Still too early to decide…