Sunday, April 25, 2010

South & North Korea Conflict, what next?

A South Korean’s navy ship sank at the disputed water at Yellow Sea last month, heighten the tense relationship between the North and South Korea. 46 sailors on boards were killed. Case is being investigated, alleged torpedo assault from North Korean’s submarine. Pyongyang has denied involvement.

Let’s speculate, what if Pyongyang tells lie, South Korean’s immediate military revenge would probably be activated though some analysts bet otherwise saying that South Korea can’t afford to harm the export driven economy. US and Europe for sure would standby Seoul. A good excuse to eliminate the nuclear facility in North Korea, and to emancipate the long suppressed communism in the name of humanitarian.

I guess Pyongyang’s traditional ally, China would try to dissolve the dispute peacefully and prevent possibility of war eruption. The main reasons would probably be shunning off US influence in the region, or maybe keeping North Korea to counterbalance the power of Japan and South Korea. For whatever reason it might be, Beijing can’t provide backup officially.