Saturday, January 15, 2011

20110107 Hong Kong

Hong Kong, a metropolitan, an international financial hub, paradise for shopaholics, famed for cuisines, previously the Hollywood of Chinese movies… all these factors form an unique character of this city and attracts lots of tourists.

After this trip, I have changed many opinions on HK positively. It is more organized and disciplined than I thought. People, mostly are friendly. The transportation system is absolutely efficient. Local foods are reasonably priced. The drawback was the hotel rooms are far too expensive.

There are not many sights to see. Am not interested with the temples, no spectacular sceneries… but the suburban like former fishing village Tai-O was attractive with its personality.

Foods were good in general. A bowl of noodle under EUR1 is still available; some exotic restaurants tucked in narrow lanes secretly only be known to local people; snacks and desserts can be found anywhere… international cuisines, you name it, you get it. My stomach got no chance to feel hunger throughout the trip.

Shopping… international signature boutiques flagship stores studded mostly at Central and Tsim Sha Tsui. Lots of variety and the demand was strong. Imagine customers have to queue up patiently outside LV store waiting for their shopping spree.

Compare to Lan Kwai Fong where pubs filled with executives after works at Central, I prefer SOHO at stone throw away. It has more character and wider choices.

My trip wouldn’t be so memorable without the assistance and hospitality of my local friends Jimmy, Ivan & Tung. Thanks again! I will definitely visit again!

p.s. On my first night of arrival at HK, we walked past a crime scene near to our hotel with police and reporters gathered around. A dead body was seen. Someone jumped off from a building. I reckoned it was quite unlucky superstitiously. On the way back, a woman kept pointing and reminding us a corpse was there. Weird people, was it exciting to her?! The newspaper next day reported the case saying that the limbs of the person were found scattered around. Was he dismembered or the momentum of falling torn the limbs apart? Scary…