Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Thaipusam 2011

The neon light illuminated cart is no longer drawn by cows.

Smashing coconut... can't remember the meaning. Sort of expelling evils.

Tomorrow will be the Thaipusam festival, celebrated mostly by our Tamil countrymen. Malaysia is hosting yearly the world largest celebration, particularly at Batu Caves.

The parade has started today. Not feeling well lately, couldn't join the devotees tomorrow to participate in this "exotic" and colourful festival. Some wonderful photos can be seen here or here or try google it.

Want to complain that, rubbish was found scattered along the whole stretch of roads where the parade marched through. The coconut (offering) shells are fine, but why all styrofoam containers? Why can't people be more environment concious in this 21st century?