Sunday, January 16, 2011

20110110 Macau

Conveniently accessible by an hour ferry ride from HK.

Macau is a magnet to gamblers. This tiny city is heavily packed with casinos. Each one is competing to be grander and larger, providing free entertainment and lucky draw to casual players. All major casinos provide free shuttle service at ferry pier and airport to transport guests the very first hand to their own premise.

Each casino has its own character, while Venetian is the most unique. It copies the scenic view of Venice into it, has the most beautiful deco with water canals and huge shopping mall. Coupled with the world class Four Season Hotel, the flow of tourists never cease.

Chinese gamblers (mainly from mainland China) dominate almost the entire gambling industry. Chips on their hands seemed to be worthless. They throw on the table in stacks. While the luxurious boutiques around are frequented mostly by them too. The consumption power of the Chinese has reached an unprecedented significant.

Lots of watch and jewelry shops sprouted around the casinos, but the price tags were ridiculously high. Probably the winners from the gambling do not mind to waste some easy fast money to flash around.

There are a few world heritage monuments on this former Portuguese colony. Largo de Senado has the finest example of Portuguese architecture influence. The black and white waving pave walk is elegant.

The iconic Ruins of St.Paul is a must visit to most tourists. Nothing much left after the fire eruption in 1835. The majestic stairway certified it was once an important Christianity centre in the past.

Macau is less developed compared to HK, but the culture is quite similar. It has no short of delicious cuisine. Don’t miss it.