Sunday, February 13, 2011

Game Over Mubarak

Eventually Mubarak has surrendered his presidency after the dramatic 18 days democracy revolution.

A few US politicians once publicly backed Mubarak, Dick Cheney even praised him “a good man”. Clear, Mubarak granted US to implement military strategy in the area, and oppressed the influence of Islamic fanatism in the region. The main concern now is that worrying the Islamic party “Muslim Brothers” would rise in the politic arena and turn to the direction of Iran.

No doubt the social platform (Facebook) initiated by Wael Ghonim played major role in this case, he catalyzed the firm and high spirited demonstration. His interview and speeches were very well scripted, touched the heart of millions Egyptians.

Mess is what left over in Egypt now. It’s still a long way to fight for democracy, to strive for better living conditions, no easy task. Don’t expect the new government be much cleaner and efficient, but at least they have heard the voices of the public and be more prudent and aware of people’s power.