Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Good Job, Wikileaks

Since Wikileaks unearthed and published the corruption scandals of Tunisian government, the president Zine El Abidine Ben Ali and his family have been forced into exile by people’s power. This Jasmine Revolution has further “inspired” their neighbouring Islamic countries (Egypt, Yemen, Jordan etc.) to walk out the streets proclaiming their dissatisfaction and anger. The riot erupted in Egypt has by far destabilized the social and economic operation. I think Mubarak would fall in this crisis.

I really appreciate the guts of Wikileaks disclosing the hidden facts of dirty politics, to keep us aware of the unjustified and unfair practice of a handful selfish bastard. Like most of the ordinary law-abiding citizens, I’m sick with the corruptions that obliterating our efforts and deterring country development.

I don’t think any new replacement government would be clean. The words “Anti-corruption” have been seriously abused by these politicians. Who would enact/ amend laws to shun their wealth generation opportunities? Will a thief alert himself to be caught?
I hope Wikileaks could do more to shake up the world, act as a watchdog/ spy to keep those foul practitioners be more cautious.