Thursday, February 17, 2011

New Year Gathering

Had a gathering with ex-schoolmates. 10 years apart, all have developed their own career – doctor, businessman, engineer, manager, accountant, IT specialist, chef… a group of us all in 40’s still made stupid jokes and nonsense, was hilarious.

Everyone has his own story to tell, has different opinion but we all share the common thought that the politic and corruption in the country are worsening, long for a change in government.

Rumours said the next general election would be announced soon… I doubt… the current Prime Minister wouldn’t be so stupid to lose his crown before the official expiry of his term 2 years from now. The voice of opposition party is getting stronger, and the ruling party has no confidence to secure majority Malay votes. The recent launching of several mega projects look like they’re desperate to collect some benefits before their end of time.