Monday, May 30, 2011

1st Site Visit

Back to Kalimantan last week for a site visit. It took 3.5hr drive from the hotel to the site 1 way, and I spent 7hr sticking my butt on the car for a few days.

There was no road in part of the area, with a local guide we trekked inside the jungle for 4.5hr. Waded through knee-height river several times, walked down and uphill, fell down twice, bushed scratched on skin, and shook off leeches occasionally. Felt like a camping trip in good old time.

Leeches sounds scary, but the feeling faded after a while. Just sprayed the mosquito repellent on it. I had 7 leeches on my 1st day trekking, and reduced to 5 the next day.


First leech. There is another type which is longer and slimmer.

Gosh... luckily the driver didn't see me.

Unknown flower in the jungle.

Poor sick little dog.

Nasi Padang. They served foods over the whole table. We paid what we consumed. Foods are not fresh I think.