Monday, May 02, 2011

Life in Balikpapan

Have been here in Balikpapan for 10 days. Met a few acquintances who had given me some precious advices in this industry. Not easy to find someone who is willing to teach. No free lunch, I was told. Any assistance and information are expected to be hooked up with monetary rewards.

Living cost is the highest in Indonesia, because of the mining, oil & gas activities on this vast land. This city is peaceful and quiet. The vehicle speed limit in town is 40km/hr. The local cuisine couldn't please my tastebuds but luckily McD, KFC and PizzaHut are available.

Found many KaraOk here - both healhty (for family) and naughty options. I ventured into one near to my hotel, I pushed the door in, the mamasan walked to me immediately. I surveyed the environment - pretty small, the local music was blaring, light scattered from the crystal ball creeping on everything, at least 10 young laides were waiting for their companion. I shook my head and walked out.

Most of the restaurants have live band performance in the weekend, quite good. I like the small "warong" beside the beach, grabing my cold "Bintang" beer and enjoying their performance.