Saturday, May 07, 2011

Not Over Yet

President Obama verbally confirmed the death of bin Laden, why should there be any doubt on this statement? Why should we care how it was done? I agreed with him not to discl0ose the photo, to avoid provoking further hatred from the Islamic world, since it won’t peace everyone’s curiosity. Let the time bleach the unpleasant memory.

The location of bin Laden’s den was out of my unexpectation. I thought he was hiding in the middle of nowhere in the arid rocky mountainous desert. The allegation of bin Laden being harboured by local government was not groundless, I reckoned. Pakistan was condemning US unilateral execution of the assault without notifying them. Anyway, they must put up this show politically. After all they still need US in various aspects.

The war is not over yet, the ideology has sprouted and the organization has rooted. The war against terrorism can no way be relaxed.