Saturday, August 09, 2008

'Conversion to Islam' Forum

The Bar Council of Malaysia has decided to hold the forum 'Conversion to Islam' despite encountering strong opposition from the ruling government and Islamic organizations. The objective of the forum is to discuss the religion Islam and its status in accordance with Federal Constitution, for instance the conflict between the federal and Syariah court.

An angry crowd of 300 Muslim protestors gathered outside Bar Council headquarter demanding that the lawyers group halt its controversial forum, condemning it is destroying the social harmony and 'challenging' Islam status in the country.

On one hand the Prime Minister recently urged to hold more dialogues to encourage harmony interaction among the different racial and religious communities, on the other hand the Deputy Prime Minister himself expressed his "worry" that this forum might ignite misunderstanding, anger and tension in our society.

Malaysians have been keeping silence so far, not because we are tolerant, but it is forbidden to discuss such sensitive issue in the public. The politicians make use of this 'advantage' to threaten and suppress the others. The relevant issues are getting more and more complicated, but no one is able to untie the knot. How could we achieve greater integrity if we couldn't understand and treat with equal fairness to each other?