Thursday, August 28, 2008


Virus Attack
My notebook was again attacked by virus since last Friday. Spent the whole weekend to try rescuing my data, was so mad because I couldn’t watch Olympic volleyball final matches on Saturday. Grrrr…. I believe there is still a virus hiding well like Bin Laden, and execute Taliban ambush occasionally.

Olympics Closing Ceremony
Spectacular! The performances were excellent (except the singing session). Was interesting to note the 8 minutes performance of the next Olympics host – London, emphasizing the urban life of metropolitan. The modern dancing was a stark contrast to the cultural theme of China. But, why Leona Lewis? David Beckham is still the iconic sportsman of UK, luckily Victoria was not present.

I prefer backpacking.
My ex-colleague opted biking around the world for 6 years.
The new project intern hiked all the way from Germany to Spain.
No matter how… travelling is fun! Can’t wait to go to Hungary next Friday!

Sis told me that she prepared some gelato for a country club, particularly served for Malaysia Prime Minister on flight some days ago. She just sent me an overjoyed message that the club said the PM was impressed and wanted to see her. Regardless how true it is, she is encouraged.

Next Project
This is the latest hot topic in the office, Manager has started planning the infrastructure for this new project in Rwanda though he is not officially assigned yet. In fact, the whole organization in head office is not clear - who would be the boss? who would be recruited? material transportation? infrastructure etc.? I have not committed myself to Rwanda, at least not now. Would like to take a rest and settle some personal matters before starting next project.