Saturday, August 09, 2008

Olympic 2008 Opening Ceremony

I skipped from my working desk at 3pm local time to watch the highly anticipating Olympic 2008 Opening Ceremony. The live broadcast has 2 narrators speaking in Bulgarian unceasingly from the beginning till the end (gosshh… they showed no sign of tiredness). Their voices shadowed the actual scene, the music and the cheers on the background were vague, I couldn't feel the atmosphere!

The show was no doubt high quality, but it doesn’t mean really entertaining. History and the cultures were the topic of the show, was a little bit "heavy". Other than the spectacular 2008 drums beating, rest of the programs are kind of lacking of upbeat rhythm (possibly because I couldn't hear the music clearly).

Each performance involved lots of people, far too many in my opinion. All performers were just an ant size in this huge stadium. I was expecting some sort of gigantic features parade with clean swift simple choreograph instead.