Monday, August 18, 2008

Olympics Events

Upset… the best hope of Malaysia in badminton men's singles game failed to snatch gold medal. Well, silver is by far the best in our history.

Why swimming event is contributing so many (34) medals? 100m and 400m are fine, why do they need 50m and 200m? Most of the contestants in the 3 shorter distance categories are similar. Maybe FINA will develop 4x50m relay, 150m, 250m… in future to increase gold medal counts of traditional swimming empires.

The basketball games with NBA are interesting. Great shows of slam dunk. I Love This Game!

Jamaica clean swept both men's and women's 100m dash, defeated entirely and severely shook the USA.

Some games' rules are unfair to the athletes. Minor accident/ mistake during execution is like a death penalty, no chance to save the mistake. For instance gymnastics artistic – vault, the average score of 2 trials is counted. But on track & field, hammer throw, triple jump, shot put… are given several trials and the best score is taken.

Swimming events so far have contributed the most world records. Swimmers claimed the Speedo LZR swimsuit made the trick, which was termed by CNN as 'technological doping'. I believe the advance "biological doping" plays greater role.