Monday, September 21, 2009

Another Party

Another pleasant party was held yesterday. Our director invited a local band to perform live (EUR90 for a night)… many of us had the similar first impression – “You must be kidding!” Our opinion was re-assessed after a while. Reggae, folks, local pops, with a few “remix” version of classic English pieces gradually heated up the atmosphere drawing people to the dance floor.

5 cylinders and a few crates of beers were drained. This was far too much for a crowd of 50 people. Too much was wasted. Some people just didn’t care about it if foods were served free, selfish thought. Jokingly we proposed to issue beer coupons or charged accordingly in the next party. Bet they would lick till the last drop.

The guests were from different levels of social status, the rich businessmen mingled among themselves, while the workers joined their own circle. I didn’t mean to criticize, but the table manner of some workers was really an eyesore.

Many were somewhat intoxicated, I could hardly understand what they talked but I had to pretend concentrating. They poured out their true emotion but mostly non-sensible & illogical.