Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Gambling Lehman Brothers

I bought Lehman’s shares at its height EUR 25 in Apr-08. Ever since the company declared filing bankruptcy protection, the share price tumbled all the way to EUR 0.03 in May this year. I reckoned this stock wouldn’t have any chance to bounce back to EUR 25 level. Thus I gambled to purchase additional units to dilute the average price, hoping someday it would rebound slightly to regain my investment.

Yesterday news announced that Lehman would file USD 100 billion claim to its parent company, this immediately triggered speculation and pushed the share as high as EUR 0.165. I managed to sell off all on my hand at EUR 0.125 today, was so glad to recover complete investment with EUR 90 profit! Ha… I was lucky!

Who knows Lehman’s share would escalate higher in the near future, I wouldn’t risk myself on this company anymore. Maybe I’m missing a chance to make a huge fortune?