Saturday, September 19, 2009

Lousy Service

The Italian restaurant (also an Irish Pub in the evening) right in front of our office used to be our lunch place during working days. There is no other good restaurant within walking distance.

Last Sat, I ordered a burger. They forgot the order, served after 40 min. I told them nicely to pack and take away.

Yesterday, I ordered carrot juice. 2 flies were found drown in it after I consumed 1/3. I didn’t complain to the boss.

Just now, again they forgot my order. I lost my temper slightly, for sure my face didn’t look friendly. I snapped and told them to pack and take away. The agitating waitress came to my back and apologized softly. Why at my back? They had no idea what’s proper service… I lost my hunger completely.

Back to the office, I calmed down and thought over again, what kind of service should I expect from under developed countries? I should be grateful staying in one of the most friendly places in the continent.