Sunday, October 10, 2010

20101002 India - Delhi

Don't like Delhi the first night arrived there. Noisy, crowded, dusty, chaotic and lots of touts tried hard to make money from me. I met a Swiss guy who complained a lot about this. I chose to land here only because AirAsia offered the cheapest ticket to here.

Considering the Commonwealth Games are being held, this city must have had gone through a face lift. Its previous image should be worse.

The monument that I like most in Delhi is Qutub Minar. The beautiful minaret was slightly special. Rest of the sight-seeing such as Red Fort is very similar to Agra Fort; The Humayun's Tomb has the same architecture like Taj Mahal but different material. The reason was that they were built by the same Emperor. Many areas were off limit to the tourists, felt like losing the freedom to wander around these places.

When I came to Jama Masjid, the guy asked me to pay Rs200 (approx. EUR3.5) for the camera. I told him I was not going to take any photo. He insisted me to pay, but I rejected. He stopped me to enter. Well, as I know no mosque would impose entrance fees, they may ask for donation instead. Additionally the so-called ticket was just a simple printing on a white paper, unlike the official beautifully printed ticket given by the others.

The recently launched Delhi subway was impressive - new, cheap and extended to large area. It soothed Delhi messy traffic in large extend. I was so "fortunate" to experience the rush hour on Monday... I hate to feel like a Sardine. T
he train stopped twice on the way, not sure if it was over loaded or just some technical problem. The metro station has always a sandbag bunker installed with military post, guess they are very much afraid of terror attack.

- I met a fat Spanish girl whom I never see a lady filthy like her.
- I have to provide a colour photo to buy local SIM card.
- Many people were asking for tips even for a peanut amount. Are they really so desperate?
- The whole city is heavily militarized.