Thursday, October 14, 2010

20101009 Srinagar to Amritsar

The houseboat servant only prepared hot tea for my breakfast, they cheated me by saving 2 eggs and a piece of bread. Anyway, I had no appetite because I had to catch the transportation to Jammu.

Mohd paid for a seat in a van (I thought a 4-wheel wagon). The driver... or all drivers were hell drivers. Almost met an accident on the road, though not our fault. The general attitude of the drivers was too reckless. The whole trip was navigating around the mountains, thousand of curves, thousands of trucks and horn blowing. The Bollywood music inside the van was blaring out loud most of the time. The high pitch tailing Indian voice was irritating. Luckily I had my own mp3. The journey consumed 8hr45min.

At Jammu, immediately I rushed to the bus station for a ticket to Amritsa, unfortunately the 5pm schedule was sold out. With my pitiful begging and charm, the conductor found and allocated the best seat (next to the driver) for me. Thanks a lot! Almost all the way from Jammu to Amritsa was straight, but some sections were very bumpy, my butt ached. The journey took another 5hr45min... much longer than I thought.

11:00pm, at Amritsa bus station, I picked up a a rickshaw driver to send me to the hotel. Around the bus station was really filthy, was almost suffocated by the ammonium stink (it was Indian's general habit to piss anywhere) and the rubbish stench. Poor rickshaw drivers and the homeless slept under the bridge... I didn't feel good to pass by this area.

The rickshaw driver charged me Rs60 (EUR1) instead of the agreed amount Rs20 (EUR0.33). He said the difference was his hotel commission. Ha... I didn't argue with him considering a poor man he is, I was a little annoyed by his trick.

I found 3 mosquito bites on my exposed arms, each had a size of 2cmx1cm. What a venomous insect! Looking at the poor hygienic environment, the mosquito breed must be extra poisonous.

Note: a newspaper costs barely Rs3 (EUR0.05)!!! How do they make profit?