Saturday, October 30, 2010

20101026 India - McLeod Ganj (Return again)

Yeah... back to McLeod Ganj again - my favourite place in this trip. In fact the main idea was hoping to see His Holiness Dalai Lama on the upcoming Tibetan Children Village (TCV) 50th anniversary celebration on 30-Oct.

As I had done earlier, I joined the English conversation class to interact with the students - I really enjoyed greatly. Unfortunately the amount of teachers (mostly tourists) is decreasing in the coming winter period. Their learning progress would be affected.

I attended a couple of gatherings where the Tibetans sharing their experience and efforts in this exiled government, and their political views. Through various discussions, I realized that some of them were gradually losing their faith to free Tibet, the family issues and living environment top the reasons. Felt so helpless... History is not made in a day, could be through generations. The frustration idea could be contagious and sabotaging the efforts of their government.

I took a chance to trek to the Triund (mountain area) - altitude 2850m. The 3.5hr trek was quite tiring, but was rewarded by the splendid views when I set my feet on it. Grassland carpeting the mountain top, a few shacks providing refreshing meals and drinks, snow clad mountains standing stout behind us, enjoying the caress of the soft sunlight and the light cooling breeze. Too bad, I sprained my right knee again on the way down though I had put on a protection cap. Not so serious somehow. Was interested to listen to my guide (a student in the English class) telling his stories back in China.

On 30-Oct-10, I was so excited to join the crowd for TCV's 50th anniversary celebration. I know I should't expect much presentation from the school. What I wanted was just to see H.H. Dalai Lama... I saw him, though he was 50m away. My camera only managed to capture a small figure of him for this far distance. I'm content. I stayed only till noon, had to prepare myself to take an evening bus back to Delhi, and flight back to Malaysia on Sunday's evening.

Dalai Lama (71 yr old) has announced his retirement sooner or later. Many Tibetans worry about who would be his successor? What would be the next without Dalai Lama? I felt kinda missing the Tibetans here. Don't lose your faith, my friends.