Thursday, July 21, 2011

Jakarta – 1st Impression

Out of the airport, it took me 75min to reach downtown. The traffic was horrible, cars were snailing. The city layout was similar to Bangkok. Elevated highways pierced through the city.

I stayed near to Plaza Indonesia area, a posh area for shopping and luxurious hotels. New high-rise buildings studded along Jalan Sudirman but not overly crammed, looks grand and spacious. The smart-dressing shoppers filled the shopping malls. Not far from it, the view changed drastically. The ordinary class people swarmed the roads, small hawkers/ vendors lined the roadsides.

We had a good seafood dinner at Pondok Sedap Malam at Jalan Batu Tulis. Luxurious cars lined up to load/ unload passengers. Across the corner, plenty of restaurants along the street.

To be a rich person in this country is living like a king. Lots of people are willing to kowtow for every instruction given. That’s magic and reality.