Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Just Out of The Jungle

Went in to the jungle again since last Friday. Just to follow and observe the works of geologists. Not easy, I have to admit, it requires strong physical stamina which obviously has been washed out from me. Our local guides led us penetrating the woods while clearing the obstacles without a hint of tiredness. I had already started to pant after the 1st hill climb. Daily 4-6 hrs trek was strenuous. I think it worth the effort.

Was glad to see a simple guesthouse had been prepared for us, with generator and river water supply. Colleagues prepared all the necessities, and 2 maids were cooking and doing laundry for us. Life was not so bad though we were practically isolated from modern world in these 10 days. No internet, no TV, no radio, no newspaper, mobile signal was hardly available.

Still have lots of things to learn. I have to pay more effort to improve my Indonesian language. Communication is essential.

Our newly constructed guesthouse, basic but I'm more than glad to have it sheltering us.

Giant ant, don't play with it.

Found this huge python near the waterfall, about 2.5m-3m long, but thick.

Rains... the clay stuck on the tires.

Floating toilet and bathroom.

Recycled used tires, become comfortable chairs and coffee tables.