Thursday, July 21, 2011

Jakarta - Hotel Cry

I booked a hotel in Jakarta yesterday morning via AGODA webpage. I received confirmation and the amount was transacted from my credit card.

When I reached this 3-star hotel, I was told that they did not receive any order from AGODA about my booking, and in fact they had no contract with AGODA! The hotel was full and no room for me. I contacted AGODA online but in vain, I called the customer support hotline but the stupid recorder brought me back to the main menu repeatedly.

So, my boss told me to shift to Gran Melia (5-star) - the security of this hotel was extremely tight. The receptionist told me that all rooms were occupied and the only available cheapest option was deluxe suite for USD560! What the heck! I dared not to take it. She helped me to call several hotels nearby, but all FULL! It must be crazy!

At last, through recommendation, I settled down at a small 1-star hotel (Smart Hotel). The location was strategic, a short distance to shopping area as well as to our partner’s office.