Sunday, October 15, 2006

鬼神论(科学篇)/ Demonology (Scientific Note)


宇宙大爆炸至今无从证实,这是比较受落的科学假设。Dan Brown 的著作 Angels and Demons 以深入浅出的方式谈及此理论,不妨一读。

Does ghost exist? I believe it does, but not superstitious. Physics state that energy is constant and transformable. I reckon the spirit is a form of energy, though science couldn’t prove its existence. The religions believe the soul would depart from the body to the heaven or hell when one deceased. Could we explain that the so-called heaven and hell is an unknown dimension where this energy is accommodated? Buddhism discussed cause and effect, the reincarnation, coincidentally matching with this Physics theory. “Ghost” is just a name to it.

Questioning the generation of constant energy, scientists have presented the
Big Bang Theory which is the most acceptable hypothesis though no proof yet. The fiction of Dan Brown – Angels and Demons has briefed and simplified the explanation of the same.