Tuesday, October 24, 2006

教育/ Education





Malaysia education systems and policies are closely related to the politics. The recent ranking of world universities again proved that Malaysia has not reached the world top range. The government has repeatedly stressed to build Malaysia as international education podium, the politicians give much comments but without persistent practical efforts. In order to materialize this idea, its self education must be improved to convince the rests.

The privileged system reserved at least 30% of the university quota to the Malay ethnic, this figure would exceed half after recruitment filtration. Lots of Malay elite students have been sent studying abroad after secondary school with governmental scholarships. Those remains will fill up the chances granted by the quota system. Eventually it widens the gap of education achievement between the Malays and non-Malay students in general. For protecting the “weaker” community sake, the syllabuses have to be simplified, which drags the university quality. On the other hand, the non-Malay students are competing fiercely to enrol to government universities, but the opportunities are limited.

There are not many non-Malay lecturers and professors in the national universities, the reason is unclear. I leave it to the readers to ponder. Additionally, the comparative lower salary and lacking of advance research and development facilities are among the reasons failed to attract first class talented scholars back home to contribute their knowledge.

The constant brain drain is a serious loss to developing countries. To promote and alleviate education, eliminating racial issue is among the steps to be considered.