Monday, October 09, 2006

和谐社会 / Harmonious Society



一九九八年印尼排华事件震撼了世界。马来西亚华人担忧类似事件在本土爆发,人心惶惶,庆幸最终一切太平。印尼社会体制不一样,加上大部分的二亿四千万人口生活在贫穷线下。穷人觉得nothing to lose,一场政治浩劫演变成排华灾难。说白了,一切都是钱作怪。反观马来西亚经济发展稳健,民众生活基本安定。心理不满归不满,又有谁希望挑起另一次种族纷争,节外生枝呢?毕竟很多人还存着五一三事件的阴影。


Singapore Premier Mr.Lee Kuan Yew has made a statement recently that the Chinese ethnic in Malaysia and Indonesia are being systematically marginalized. It has triggered strong protest from both governments, Singapore’s Ambassadors have been summoned for explanation. Both countries condemn such statement distorting the facts, groundless and challenging the deep-rooted sensitive racial issues, also implied clearly that Singapore being the neighbor would be affected if unrest explodes. This reaction is in fact proving otherwise.

May 13, 1969 incident, the sensitive racial topics are mandatedly suppressed in Malaysia. Folks have been living peacefully, but the exterior harmonious society does not reflect the actual inner emotions. Undoubtedly the ruling party is working hard to balance wealth distribution among the ethnics, targeting to shrink the gap between the rich and the poor. The privilege and quota structure which in favor to “Bumiputra” (Malay ethnic) is an unfair system, lots of Chinese and Indians feel like being oppressed, but dare not to voice out their anger.

The 1998 Anti-Chinese movement in Indonesia stunned the world, Malaysian Chinese were worried if the violence would erupt in their country. Eventually everything turned out peacefully. Indonesia operates different social system, and huge portion of the 240 million populations live in poverty. The poor has nothing to lose. A political plot had mutated into Anti-Chinese movement. Conclusively, the money matters. On the contrary, Malaysia economy is developing in steady pace, folks live peacefully. No matter how discontented, no one wish to initiate another racial conflict. The grave memory of May 13 has not been forgotten yet.

Hoping that the sacrifice of Malaysian Chinese would be rewarded with more harmonious social development.