Thursday, October 19, 2006

马来西亚政治漫画 / Malaysia Political Cartoons


The following cartoons are posted at MalaysiaKini, sarcastically disclose the present dreadful politics.

(徽章)我抗拒贿赂, (徽章)我抗拒贿赂, (徽章)我等待贿赂


(badge) I’m against bribery, (badge) I’m against bribery, (badge) I’m waiting for bribery

When the present Prime Minister was taking office, for fighting corruption sake, the governmental officers were ordered to put on the badge (I’m against bribery) to show determination. The author adds a “N” in front of “anti”, becomes “Nanti”, means “waiting”. This operation effect was not prominent.

第一任首相 / 1st Prime Minister – Tunku Abdul Rahman (开国之父)
第二任首相 / 2nd Prime Minister – Tun Razak (发展之父)
第四任首相 / 4th Prime Minister – Dr.Mahathir (工艺之父)
第五任首相 / 5th Prime Minster (Present) – Abdullah (凯利的岳父)


Khairy is the son-in-law of present Prime Minister, rumors said he is interfering governmental operation and abusing rights, sparking criticism. His extreme speech on racial issues helps installing himself in the party, triggers strong discontent within Chinese community.

2002年,群臣奉承任人唯亲的前首相Tun Dr.Mahathir,慑于一代强人的权力。
2006年,Tun Dr.Mahathir退位之后,之前的同僚背他而去不再奉承还插上两刀,尽显世态炎凉人情冷暖。

Year 2002, the cronies flattered the former Prime Minister Tun Dr.Mahathir, frightened of the strongman’s political supremacy.
Year 2006, after stepping down of Tun Dr.Mahathir, the cronies turned against him, typical fickleness of politicians.