Thursday, December 14, 2006


The chaotic politics is soaring lately, was never so intense in the past. Does it mean the public has more freedom to express their opinions nowadays? Hell no way!

The Neptune encourages all fishes to voice out their constructive opinions to help solving the problem. Unfortunately it turns out to be another blah blah blah as majority politicians, when the benefit of particular group (i.e. the sharks) is concerned.

Somehow several politicians were “encouraged” boldly and sneaking chances to blare their racist motto in the most important assembly of ocean’s largest political party. It was broadcasted live. The irresponsible speeches undermine the fragile social structures. Worse, the Neptune did not halt the speeches promptly but allowed the sharks barking furiously.

The small fishes were shattered, and protested. Reluctantly, to pacify the anger of the rest, the Neptune summoned the racist sharks and “advised” them accordingly, no punishment was placed. This will definitely set up a precedent for other sharks to follow…

Years ago our Marine Committee boycotted and strongly condemned the inhuman apartheid political system in other coral reef. This trace is obviously and openly fostered on our own reef.

Unfortunately the Neptune was not elected publicly, the chief of the sharks is nominated to lead the ocean automatically.