Thursday, December 21, 2006

Dr.M vs. Soros

Hint 1:
During the
1997 Asian Financial Crisis, former Malaysian Prime Minister Dr.M accused the hedge fund speculation was the culprit that destroying the economy structure in the region. He pointed straight to the massive Quantum Fund managed by Hungarian born George Soros who strongly condemned Dr.M’s policy to impose capital control that against free market concept. Dr.M once referred him a “moron”.

Hint 2:
Dr.M has obviously lost his former cronies’ support politically since he handed over the Prime Minister post to his handpicked successor – Abdullah Badawi in 2003. He recently expressed his disapproval and criticized the new leader abandoning some mega projects which he had been laying out deliberately during his era. Ironically, the once highly respectful Dr.M was attacked by pepper spray as he prepared to address an assembly in July.

A meeting has been held between Dr.M and Soros on 15-Dec, the agendas were not disclosed. Dr.M said it was his “mistake” to accuse Soros for the financial crisis. What could we relate the cooperation of these 2 strongmen with? Another political / financial ploy? A hint of Dr.M’s resurrection? Those betrayer cronies, watch out now!

Another political upheaval is brewing…