Tuesday, December 26, 2006


Babel means a state of confusion caused by many people talking at the same time or using different languages.
The movie is comprised of four stories.

1- Two Moroccan boys shot an American tourist accidentally while testing the newly bought rifle. The elder was killed by the police on their escape.

2- No proper facilities to save the wounded tourist, and the couples were abandoned by other selfish frightened companions in a desert village.

3- A Mexican nanny was desperate to bring her two baby-sit kids out of the desert. She was arrested and deported subsequently though she has been considering the States as her home after 16 years of living.

4- A mute-deaf Japanese teen girl was upset to be a virgin. She was looking for love and her initiative to seduce men failed repeatedly.

The director weaved the stories and presented in stark culture contrast among each other, but sharing a common ground – undesirable ill fate. It’s slightly heavy, lack of commercial element, but flowing smooth. Recommended.