Sunday, December 17, 2006

Aliens (2)

The aliens are always depicted with wrinkled skin, slim limps, big head but with tiny nose, small mouth… perhaps this image is based on imagination, or from the “witness”, it does have scientific logic.

The modern technology helps people mobilizing from a place to another conveniently, powerful robots and machines are invented to replace manpower, almost all the works are done by computers… in short, people is working less physically. It wouldn’t be surprise that the future generation no longer needs muscle, but just a bigger brain / head to think and manipulate the computers.

The pollution would be so severe then that the air is corrosive, therefore the wrinkled skin is evolved. Foods are all genetically mutated to grow fast to meet the consumption of expanded population. Possibly easy digestive nutrition substitution is created, teeth are no longer required.

With the tendency nowadays of slim = beauty, this could be the future look of human being.