Saturday, March 29, 2008

Venturing Share Market

The recent subprime crisis has driven almost worldwide financial industry down. The Bear Stearns case caught lots of investors off guard and spurring panic. Majority believe the recession is looming. It is really interesting to follow up the swiftly change development daily.

I have started venturing my first step into the European and US share markets, simply because the prices are really attractive. Most of the global gigantic financial stocks have plummeted from their all time high less than a year ago to less than half presently.

Of course I do not have much money to play with… somehow I guess it would give better return than the pitiful bank interest rates in mid long term (3-5 years, in my definition). Friend D warned me that in case the recession spreads, no one knows what would happen next and might last indefinitely. I agree with that… well, investment is a risk itself. No risk no gain!

I placed myself as a balanced investor… can't cope with the high risk investment tools while not interested with conservative money management. I do not know how to analyze company data… basically follow the trend, pick mainly blue chips, and read the latest relevant news.