Monday, March 31, 2008

Post Election

I have never paid so much attention on Malaysia politics as yet. Since the opposition parties wield power in 6 main states during the recent general election, plenty of actions are taken mainly to investigate the alleged corruption cases of the predecessor. The new state government is trying to shaping up a clean and non bias image. (I doubt how long would this last??)

Though the incumbent party remains ruling the central government, they have been denied the 2/3 majority rights in amending constitution. The losers are excusing themselves for underestimating the power of e-media, but never admit their faults and incapabilities.

While the Prime Minister is painfully restoring and reassuring people the trust on them, defending from the political rivals while facing the growing challenges internally. Those flattering running dogs once kissing his hand are now throwing all hot potatoes to him. A cruel politics!