Saturday, March 22, 2008

Riot in Tibet

The riot in Tibet has attracted world attention lately. The holy city Lhasa has mobs looted and burned the shops. Another holy center Xiahe was infested. Curfew was imposed. Dalai Lama announced he is striving for Tibet independence in "middle way" and in peaceful manner. He vowed to step down if the situation deteriorates. His idea wouldn't be accepted by hot tempered younger generation who believe physical force rules.

Obviously there is no better chance for Tibetans to pressure China authorities to give greater concession. The forthcoming Olympic Games is handcuffing China in certain extent. Foreign influences are said undermining the present situations. Why politics is linked up to Olympic?

"Free Tibet" has been shouted for long by so-called humanitarian and peace organizations. Meanwhile why we don't see much sanctions and punishment to Israel on Palestine issue? Aren't the Palestinians deserved to claim back their land too? Dalai Lama wants to rule Tibet under "1-country-2-systems" model. China rejected the proposal, probably worrying of losing sovereign control and might set precedence to other provinces especially the north western regions.

World politics… developed countries are not willing to see the uprising China or India altering global politics and economy influential map. Likewise, we see the fall of USSR and Yugoslavian in the recent history.