Thursday, March 06, 2008

General Election

The forthcoming General Election on 08-Mar-08 is heating up nationwide. At this very time most of the sleeping hidden politicians surface and make publicities to draw votes, blaring lots of empty promises and unrealistic visions. Rumours and pamphlets are flying around aim to backstab or unveil the dirty records of opponents. Tons of e-mails congested my mailbox daily.

The election is never clean, I deeply believe still. The dominant ruling parties backed up with strong financial supports have plenty of tricks to increase their votes. Wouldn't be surprised if they will sweep more than 2/3 of the parliament seats to continue their empire.

Opposition parties vow for a change. In fact, the limited votes on hands wouldn't change the status quo. How many politicians are really sacrificing for the country and people? Based on the pitiful salary, almost all ministers are possessing luxurious mansions and cars. How do they generate fortune? Did our anti corruption division able to investigate and sue these crocs? If we succeed to change the government (very unlikely), can we be sure corruption cases will be eliminated / reduced?

Politics and money can't be segregated. How could we attract highly professional candidates to run politics with general low pay? And we can't raise the salary drastically in consideration of various economy factors. The bad cycle continues…