Wednesday, November 08, 2006

贪腐指数 / Corruption Perceptions Index





Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) of year 2006 released by the Transparency International indicating the general corruption level of the 163 surveyed countries, generally linked to the politics, economy and social atmosphere respectively. The public would be induced to judge particular country accordingly.

Malaysian government is upset over the ranking has slid to 44th place from 39th last year. As expected, some politicians defy the credibility of the statistic, presenting numerous excuses to try pacifying the public emotion.

In fact, this survey is not an absolute measure of a country development. Why paying so much concern on the position like students comparing their academic results? Senseless! The ranking slide does not justify one country’s corruption is worsening, likely other countries have improved wisely in this respect. We should question how to improve ourselves instead. Unfortunately barking without practical effort is the strong point of many politicians, avoiding responsibility is their surviving skill.

No doubt, the lowest rank countries are among the well known poorest and political unstable countries. This does not imply the cleanest country has no corruption cases, but it was carried out more secretly, professionally, advance technically, and sometimes legally.