Saturday, November 25, 2006

语言 / Language



我对自己的语文能力有自知之明,不奢望达到native speakers 的水平。我在尝试提升自身的能力尤其是中文,毕竟这一方面我只受过六年小学教育。

Most of the educated people in Malaysia could handle 2 to 3 languages, due to the multi racial structure society and freedom to pursue knowledge from schools of different media, such policy is banned in Indonesia.

Our daily communication has turned out to be a hodgepodge of languages. It seems to be an interesting culture mutation, it is literacy disaster instead. People no longer speak genuine language but to adopt words from other languages or dialects to compensate the poor vocabularies.

I’m well aware of my weakness in language, never expect to be as good as native speakers. Am trying to improve in this aspect especially Chinese, after all I had only studied it during the primary 6 years.