Monday, November 27, 2006

辐射 / Radiation





The technology is progressing exponentially that we could hardly walk abreast with, every new inventory has a tendency to be smaller and wireless for convenience sake.

We are consistently exposed to the radiations in our living environment, for instance mobile phone, Bluetooth and thousands of unknown sources. There is no concrete study proving that excessive exposure of various radiations would have any physiological effects on the human brain or human body. These are not life-threatening problems but could cause a lot of discomfort in long run. Imagine if all radio waves are visible, the net must be so thick and vision impenetrable.

Research advised that constant exposure to the electro-magnetic field inducted by the high voltage transmission line is cancerogenic, therefore the living area should be distanced away.

Think about microwave oven operation principle. The object that absorbs radiation would be heated up, as stated in physics energy transformation theory. Beware of the mobile phone is cooking your brain for long tele-conversation, though the manufacturers claim the radiation risk is negligible.