Tuesday, November 07, 2006

例行公事 / Routine





One of the recent typhoons destroyed the crops of my colleague in Philippines, he lost some money.

I experienced the mighty typhoon in Philippines, unforgettable. On the day typhoon was approaching, the thunderous storm cut off power supply. I was guarding alone in the semi-brick house in the fishing village, felt the house quaking with fear. By 8pm, the typhoon roared with its maximum speed (180km/h). The raindrops coupled with tremendous force permeated through any tiny gap into the house, was worrying badly it would collapse. Was exhausted after struggling over the night, I laid asleep on the wet mattress.

The rain had ceased the next morning. The front and backyard were flooded, but the faeces from the neighbouring piggery were drifted to my backyard, disgusting! The whole village was a mess - electricity poles, nipa huts, trees and plants were destroyed, collapsed. The dead poultries scattered around.

Felt deeply sorry to the farmers for losing the crops, all efforts were in vain. The poor families who could barely feed themselves had to search around for materials to rebuild their huts, but unable to construct a sturdier shade. The typhoons visit yearly, it has become their yearly routine works.