Saturday, January 17, 2009

ChongQing (23-Dec-08 till 25-Dec-08) – Hospitality

I didn’t have any plan to visit this city initially, dropped by only because the way from LuoYang to GuiYang was too far.

The city is built on hill slopes, makes it hard to navigate. The 2 adjacent roads could have significant height difference. Plenty of small paths and alleys with staircases are connecting one road to the other. It is hard for non-local to find the shortcut and determine directions. The driving attitude of the drivers could qualify them to Formula 1.

Most tourists came to ChongQing are to board the 3 Gorges ferry cruise. I didn’t try any, as most of the historical places have been flooded. If there is possibility to schedule a custom plan boat trip to remote areas, I would love to come back again. The 3 Gorges museum was good, housing fine artifacts and rich information.

Was glad to meet a group of local friends at the youth hostel. Their hospitality and friendliness left me a good memory. The atmosphere of the restaurant inside the air-raid shelter was exceptionally impressive, food too but extremely spicy!