Monday, January 19, 2009

GuiLin (31-Dec-08 till 01-Jan-09) – Crystal Palace

The gifted crystal clear LiJiang (Li River) and the up thrust karsts studded along the river are forming picturesque sceneries which attract thousands of tourists to GuiLin. Many tourists chose ferry cruising to YangShuo along Li River (costs RMB243 per ticket), I postponed this program to YangShuo later. This river has become the main income resource for the local government.

I didn’t have any specific feeling to this town, but the various kinds of foods and snacks were indeed delicious.

Another attraction of this town is the natural cave LuDiYan (Reed Flute Cave) famed for its stalactites and stalagmites. The cave looked so artificial with colourful lighting projected on the walls. The flooring was well paved and no awful smell at all. I had to admit that a view named “Crystal Palace” was beautiful (see picture). The magic of lighting works… the rest were not interesting… The tour guide was explaining to us that this looked like an old man, that looked an owl etc… again another Picaso’s painting lesson. Boring!

At night there were plenty of pimps on the road, offering massage and lady escorts for all passing-by male tourists. I had been offered not less than 10 times in one evening.