Monday, January 19, 2009

LongSheng (02-Jan-09) – Terraced Fields

Acc’ to the locals, their life had been greatly improved ever since the asphalt road to this village was paved, under the governmental plan to help developing tourism in this area. In the last decade, people were basically isolated from the civilization, students had to walk to school miles away daily over the mountains, communication to outside was completely cut off during the hard winter. Nowadays tourism has become the main income resources for the locals, roughly 60 motels in this small village.

The terraced fields cover large area of mountain slopes, construction began since half a millennium ago, the idea was to solve the problems of agriculture lands shortage and prevent soil erosion. The sceneries now were not spectacular, the spring and harvesting season should be beautiful.

There were different tribes residing at this area. On the hill, a young lady from Yao tribe offered to lay down her long hair for photographing, with small amount in return. I rejected her begging, was not a matter of money, because she was not photogenic.