Saturday, January 17, 2009

XiJiang (26-Dec-08) – Minorities Are No Longer Primitive

Before visiting XiJiang, the so-called “Miao Village with Thousand Families”, I related it to less development, dirty and poor… I was wrong, instead the village was clean, internet and TV facilities were available and quite touristy.

This was not the right season to visit, the crops had been harvested, leaving dry brown lands which to be irrigated in spring. Somehow it was interesting to get lost in the maze-like villages built on the hill slopes.

It was so serene, people were friendly. A leisure walk to the terraced fields was refreshing. Possibly we could find a much more traditional village somewhere further in the mountains, but the trekking might take hours.

After sunset, the village was so quiet, any footstep on the street could be clearly heard. Was thinking what to do at night, surprisingly a modern bar is available in this village. Glad to have someone to talk.