Sunday, January 18, 2009

ZhangJiaJie (28-Dec-08 till 29-Dec-08) – Picaso’s Abstract Paintings

Tourists used to combine FengHuang and ZhangJiaJie in a single trip. ZhangJiaJie is famous, comparable to HuangShan… many people said so, but I was not impressed.

I didn’t like the path up to the mountains, it was not challenging. The sceneries along the path were not that great. Up on the mountains, the view was OK, but getting fed up after short while. A name was assigned to each karst based on the respective shape. Occasionally some tour guides passing by, explaining that this karst looks like a monkey, that looks like a lion and so on. After figuring each one, I think it helps me to understand Picaso’s abstract paintings easier.

Met Ivan and Dong (HK), friendly and funny, would never feel bored with their companion. From our conversation, I learned the general opinions of HK younger generations towards their future, social and political views. Don’t worry about your career, your vision will be expanded later, it’s not limited by the scope of your studies.