Friday, January 16, 2009

ZhengZhou (21-Dec-08) – Everything Went Wrong

We arrived at ZhengZhou in the early morning. After settling down in hotel, friends purchased train tickets to Shanghai. A moment later, they changed their mind to fly to Shanghai instead. So they returned the train tickets and booked the flight tickets. The air ticket agent refused our credit cards, but insisted only accepting China bank cards. At last we pooled sufficient cash to pay for it.

10:30am, we headed straight to the bus station. The bus refused to depart before collecting sufficient passengers to make up the trip to Shaolin. It delayed more than 1/2 hr.

3:00pm, we arrived at Shaolin. The weather was freezing coupled with the chilly strong wind, was uncomfortable. We were informed that the martial arts performance was relocated to the open space… gosh… I was sorry for the performers with thin clothing, while we were shivering and trying to cover every inch of our skin.

Right after the show, we rushed to the highlight – Shaolin temple. The guide gave a quick brief introduction, again we had no time to move around.

4:30pm, we rushed and caught the bus back to ZhengZhou. Oh no… the bus broke down on the way back. Not to take any risk, we flagged down a taxi (paid extra). Close to ZhengZhou, the taxi driver said he was not familiar with the traffic in the city. After small argument, we again transferred to another taxi (paid extra).

7:00pm, we arrived at our hotel. We checked out immediately and friends travelled straight to the airport, while I bought a bus ticket to LuoYang.