Friday, January 16, 2009

LuoYang (22-Dec-08) – “Alternative” International Youth Hostel

Yesterday night, from the bus station to the hostel, I was besieged by agents volunteered to bring me to their recommended hotels. I ignored all, but one lady ran along with me for about 500m kept persuading me that she was the most honest and helpful person to show me the cheap accommodation. Of course I ignored her too, at last she realized that she couldn’t make any business with me, she shouted behind me that I would be regretful.

After checking in the international youth hostel, I learned that the room has no hot water supply, the heating system was not well functioning. The room was cold…

There is something special with this hostel - a sauna business attached to it. It was fine with me (but never seen with youth hostel). The rendered services listed on the board are something fishy… try your imagination what do these mean “Passionate Style 2 – RMB200”, “2 Stars Embracing Moon – RMB400”… (see picture).

LongMen Caves was interesting, better than my expectation. The caves perched along the river bank, though not as grand as Datong’s YunGang Caves, they are worth for a visit.