Sunday, January 25, 2009

财源 vs. 裁员

Retrenchment seems to be the most used headlines on the newspaper financial page these days. Almost every big company has announced slimming program coupled with organization restructuring. Banks announce record loss, mega projects have been called for a halt or deferment, national economy shrinking, unemployment soaring, salary freezing, compulsory no pay leave… We should cherish to have a secured job these days… well, I’m looking for one.

I reckon this year economy would be worse. The 2nd wave of financial crisis is surfacing, the developing countries would be harder hit this time. Under the term of globalization, no one would be spared from this crisis.

Lots of peoples are hoping Mr.Obama, the new president of the USA, would salvage this global dilemma. Hope is just a hope, I’m pessimistic. The present problems can’t be solved by himself or by the USA alone. Otherwise the worldwide share market wouldn’t tumble 4% on his inauguration. When his strategy doesn’t bring instant positive results, lots of his supports will turnabout and become the voices of critics.

I wish this year of BULL would bring prosperity back to the world.